The Narrow Gate: Introduction

The Narrow Gate

Guest contributor:   Ed Trego

We live in a society that is dependent on rapid transportation. Automobiles, trains, and airplanes carry us all over the world. If given the opportunity, we will almost always chose the fastest and easiest route to our destination.

Unfortunately we also tend to look for the path to heaven in the same manner. We want the high-speed eight lane interstate highway, not the two lane dirt road. However, if we believe what Jesus tells us, the highway may be the way to ruin and damnation. The dirt road, though more difficult to travel, may very well be the most direct route to heaven.

In Matthew, chapter seven, Jesus told his disciples that they would have to enter via the narrow gate. The wide, easily entered gate is the way to destruction. He also admonished them that the way that leads to life is hard and those who find it are few. That admonition is as applicable to us today as it was to the people of Jesus’ time. The way to God may not be easy, but it is well worth the journey.

My earlier book, Thoughts of God, focused primarily on the spiritual. This time I’ve tried to look more at the practical. Our society is on a road to destruction and we need to be aware of that fact in order to change our direction. God and faith have been pushed aside and are continuing to be removed from the public square. We must not allow our Christianity and our faith to be limited to our Churches and homes. Jesus told his apostles to “make disciples of all nations”. We too have that mission. It can’t be accomplished from behind closed doors.

Find the narrow gate and prayer for the courage and strength to enter through it. Share your faith with others that they too may find their way to heaven. May God bless you, protect you from evil, and lead you to eternal life.

Scriptural references in this book are taken from the Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition of the Holy Bible.

The above text is the Introduction from Ed Trego’s new eBook The Narrow Gate:

  1. The Narrow Gate
  2. Children of God
  3. Childlike Faith
  4. A Well Formed Conscience
  5. The Spirit Within
  6. The Potter and the Vase
  7. Seeking God’s Help
  8. Make Disciples of All Nations
  9. Believing Christ
  10. Christian Strength
  11. A Spiritual Relationship
  12. Against Evil
  13. Trust In God
  14. The Garden of Gethsemane
  15. Simplicity of Faith

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