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Jesus chose men to be apostles. It was not a move against women. The Church does not have the desire or authority to override Him (it seems silly just saying that). I wrote about this 3 years ago in my piece entitled women priests.

Nothing has changed and never will, because it can not. That does not stop agitators in the media, from raising this whenever possible. The Church does not meet their worldview on this, gay “marriage,” abortion, general sexual promiscuity and so on. By promoting tiny, extreme fringe groups such as “Roman Catholic Women Priests” (an oxymoron for sure) they apparently hope to inflame poorly catechized Catholics into thinking this is part of some “war on women.”

The Los Angeles Times recently offered a classic and all too typical example of this. Most sentences are factually wrong. Here are some sample fragments:

The priest will be ordained (she will never be a priest)

The Communion bread, symbolizing the body of Christ (symbolizing – maybe, but not actually the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord)

laying on of hands that turns parishioner into priest (pretend priest)

California is home to more ordained Catholic women (there is no such thing in California or anywhere else)

the church edict states (first, that is capital “C” Church and second, there is no “edict” — but we do follow Christ)

women who presume to be priests, and those who help them, are committing a grave sin (in fact, they have automatically excommunicated themselves – it is that damaging to their salvation)

The church does not acknowledge ordained women or the sacraments they offer (that is because they are not “ordained” in any sense – as if it could make it true, the piece refers to them as ordained 10 times)

bishops …   ordained the first female bishops, in turn, could ordain other women (absolutely impossible – (1) the Holy Father must approve bishop ordinations and (2) women can not be ordained any more than men can give birth)

To Eitz, the threat of excommunication is meaningless (it is not a threat, she excommunicated herself latae sententiae)

when she became a deacon in 2012 (nope, that was pretend also)

All of that is in the first few paragraphs. The rest of the piece continues along the same lines. Join the fun! Read the complete article Women becoming priests without Vatican’s blessing and see how many errors you can spot (hint: start with the title).

LarryD at Acts of the Apostasy took a shot at it in Yet Another Silly Article About Womynpreests. In an amusing follow-up, he likens the possibility of women priests to him becoming a pizza.

Fr. Z (Father John Zuhlsdorf) writes about this topic from time to time. For example here, here and here.

BTW, no one argues against women called to various forms of ministry. There are awesome religious and lay women doing great things. Ditto for many (non-priest) men. ALL Catholics are called to the common, universal priesthood of the faithful (vs. the ordained or ministerial priesthood). Additionally, it is woefully incorrect to view the priesthood in terms of “power” as radical feminists do.

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