Shame on you EWTN

Shame On You Ewtn

EWTN is the worldwide voice of true, orthodox Catholicism. It is a role it sought and a role it usually fulfills superbly. It operates at a high standard when it speaks, carefully presenting what the Magisterium has taught through the ages, no more and no less. Generally, its representatives model Christian behavior well. EWTN is a jewel of the Church.

It was sad then to see the on-air performance of newly hired EWTN “Chief White House Correspondent” Lauren Ashburn last Tuesday (December 22nd). She appeared on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor as a commentator on the question of Donald Trump’s treatment by the press.

Right out of the starting gate she equated Trump’s behavior to ISIS. Ashburn called him “a bully, a bombastic flame-thrower” which – ironically – is exactly what she herself was demonstrating.

She accused Trump of manipulating the media in a particularly condemning tone, as if manipulating the press isn’t the goal of every politician. The “Trump manipulates the media” attack seems to be a Democratic Party talking point (e.g. 2 days later: Bernie Sanders: ‘Trump is very smart’ for manipulating the media). Ashburn seems to be on board and her performance came-off as highly partisan.

This was followed by the views of another person representing the secular Media Research Center who was more charitable and balanced. It was a good contrast. Until Ashburn interrupted him and jumped back in so that she could use that tone again to call Trump a “MASTER MANIPULATOR !!!”

The moderator, apparently looking for some balance, asked where was the news media in not calling-out Hillary Clinton on her false claims and typically being overtly sympathetic to her. Ashburn defended them noting “that is how they make their money.” This was followed by that tone again saying (slowly) “Donald Trump is a bully.” Here is the clip:

To be rhetorical, is it just me or did other people see this too? Here are the headlines:

Naturally, Ashburn’s comments delighted liberal voices. Trump, or whoever the GOP selects, will look to spoil the coronation of Hillary and her unwavering support for abortion, gay “marriage,” all-powerful central government, diminished freedoms and other liberal priorities diametrically opposed to the teaching of the Church.

I can see how Ashburn’s comments help the Democratic party, but how in the world are they supposed to further our mission? EWTN, you are better than this. This embarrassing episode tarnishes your reputation and the high respect we hold for you. It must not be repeated. You need to fix this.


  1. you should have heard al crestsa who devoted two, 2 hour shows to how a catholic cant vote for trump. There were some good ones and I saw Raymond arroyo at a rally in leesburg. Teresa tomeo was also helpful, but I feel you. Compared to who, abortion Hilary?

  2. Ashburn is more worldly than spiritual.. Depends on herself than seeking God’s direction.
    She is nearly 50. Glad she is not my Mom. Every time I see her on air it’s all about her she even employs revealing garments to get attention.
    EWTN please go back to Brian Patrick

  3. Diane Doucette says

    I think Wyatt Goolsby is a hot ticket, if I were only younger. He has got a bright future or a bright now!

  4. It is a shame that the video is unavailable.

  5. Wyatt Goolsby is a MORON. He needs to be more objective to the church and not side with homosexual priests. Is he gay himself?

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