What could have been…

What Could Have Been

Abortion has robbed the world of so much. We are much, much poorer for it. Taken away from us are statesmen who could have guided us to a more peaceful world. Doctors who would have found cures that elude us. Artists who would have elevated us through beauty we will never experience. Maybe the first woman president. Even those who would become successors to the Apostles. God knows the specifics now. We will not know until the general judgment. It will be huge.

Those of us who fight the culture of death are horrified at the scale of this genocide. We have plenty of facts, including science and statistics, to support our “side”. For example, The Looking Spoon published this graphic last week to illustrate that scale:

Abortion Claimed 56 Million Lives

Some would say this is a good thing, an accomplishment. The world’s resources are limited and we are overpopulated. Out-of-control population growth is contributing to global warming and the destruction of the environment. Total BS. The Population Research Institute, among others, has debunked these lies (see my 7QTF items here, here, here and here; or OverpopulationIsaMyth.com or their YouTube channel).

Others may have a different population control agenda. Margaret Sanger, esteemed founder of Planned Parenthood certainly did. Her racist plans, underlying Planned Parenthood, put the efforts of the KKK to shame (to which she appeared as a featured aspect speaker). Surprised? See LifeNews.com or BlackGenocide.org. Suffice to say, Sanger’s Negro Project has been a complete success. Liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke of Roe v. Wade acknowledging “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

Somehow, the obvious truth is unconvincing to those who champion this (non-existent) “right” to take innocent human life. It is confusing to us (me at least) why they can’t see it. It is almost like they are surrounded by some sort of bubble which filters-out the truth (or if you prefer, scales cover their eyes).

Trent Horn at Catholic Answers has an interesting take on this. He argues that the numbers are simply overwhelming. In essence, people can not internalize the impact. This makes sense to me as it also explains why people can not understand the scope of the budget deficit. Trent urges that we make it more personal by showing individual impact.

Two examples quickly come to my mind. First, Abby Johnson (an ex-director of a Planned Parenthood facility) tells the story of Hillary Clinton’s White House lunch with Blessed Mother Theresa. Hillary asked Mother why she thought that we had not had a woman president. I’ll let Abby tell the story:

I’ll conclude with the difficult story Judy Cozzens. Judy was pregnant with their second child but went into premature labor in the 5th month. The labor was stopped, but the doctor had devastating news: “You’re carrying a deformed fetus and you need to not continue with the pregnancy.” Judy didn’t understand, so the doctor was more blunt: “You’re carrying a freak, and you shouldn’t continue with this pregnancy.”

A FREAK. How crushing that news must have been.

The next step would be to schedule the “procedure” to take care of “it”. Judy and her husband Jack are faithful Catholics and understand abortion, any abortion, is intrinsic evil. That is, it is NEVER justified to take an innocent life – even if some consider that life should be discarded. They would have their “freak” if that is what God gave them. The doctor walked away. (The story of Judy and Jack’s trial is here.)

Today that “freak” is His Excellency Andrew Cozzens, Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

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