Obama’s war on religion (update #1)

Obama's War on Religion

The Obama administration’s war against religion continues with no sign of backing down. In a nut shell, our President insists that we Catholics fund (buy, pay for) contraceptives, abortifacients (drugs to induce abortions) and sterilization coverage – making these tools of Satan universally available to all in America at our expense.

This post is part of a series covering this very important topic. To see the whole series, click here.

9 days ago, US Catholic bishops around the country denounced President Obama’s action in the strongest terms. The Assembly of Orthodox Bishops in North America (representing 53 Orthodox bishops) has also agreed with the USCCB, as have conservative Protestant groups. Individual US bishops around the country have issued statements, often read aloud at Mass. Below is an interactive map showing which bishops by state:

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The data for the above map was provided by Tom Peters on his excellent CatholicVote.org website. More data and analysis is available there. If you have any updates, please leave him a comment.

Dispatches from the White House

The administration has held press conferences and conference calls to obfuscate the issue, backed by statements lacking “truthiness”. Stephen White wrote for the National Review Online:

One senior administration official did address the matter of coverage for abortifacients, insisting that the mandate did not include coverage for, as they put it, “drugs that cause abortion.” This is false.

Take the example of ella (ulipristal acetate), which the mandate covers. It’s true that since ella has not been adequately studied as a human abortifacient, the FDA hasn’t approved it as an abortifacient. The FDA does point out that since it’s pretty good at causing abortions in rats and monkeys, doctors should apprise their patients of potential fetal hazards: The primary fetal hazard being death. So when the senior administration official said the mandate didn’t cover “drugs that cause abortion,” what she seems to have meant is that it doesn’t cover drugs that are FDA-approved as abortifacients.

Numerous distortions and misrepresentations continue on-line, including this piece on the White House website. The USCCB quickly responded:

The Obama administration, to justify its widely criticized mandate for contraception and sterilization coverage in private health plans, has posted a set of false and misleading claims on the White House blog (“Health Reform, Preventive Services, and Religious Institutions,” February 1). In what follows, each White House claim is quoted with a response.

Please click here to read the complete, detailed point-by-point response from our bishops.

Catholic Democrats Who Supported Obama

Many Catholics supported Obama in 2008 based upon promises of a new day for non-partisan politics, a post-racial America, an end to constitutional abuses, closing Guantanamo, opportunity for all and much more. So many promises…

Obama’s frontal assault on our faith may be the last straw. Michelle Bauman writing for the Catholic News Agency:

According to Condon, the mandate provoked an “explosion of anger” and has left many Catholics feeling disappointed with President Obama.

Many Catholics who supported Obama in the 2008 election and defended his controversial appearance at Notre Dame in 2009 are also now left disillusioned by the realization that Obama does not understand “Catholic sensitivities,” as they had thought.

Condon said that although not all Catholics follow the Church’s teaching on birth control, the “American Catholic backlash” against the mandate has united the Church in a fight against a government attempt to regulate its ministries and employees

You know things are bad when Catholic, Obama cheer-leader, Obama’s (past) man in Malta – Doug Kmiec – has doubts. Doug was able to rationalize his way through the the termination of life at the beginning, destruction of marriage in the middle and termination of life at the end. With some presidential stroking he will probably relapse in his Obama addiction – BUT when recently asked about his support for Obama in 2012 he wrote:

Until I have an opportunity to speak with the president, I am for now (unhappily) without a candidate.

Obama Catholics
Spotted by Tom Peters

Catholics for Obama, don’t be fooled any longer. Obama is very charismatic and his words sound so good, but his actions have repeatedly spoken much louder. Your Church is calling for your help. Will you finally answer?


So, in light of the “FINAL” decision of HHS for the administration’s mandate, without change, who could possibly be happy with this disaster?

Yes, they really did make this tasteless video in celebration. Like them, it is offensive on so many levels.

Nancy Pelosi, while not yet dancing in the street, applauds the HHS mandate as a “courageous decision”:

Nancy, as you can see, continues to speak as a Catholic. Opposing the entire bishop’s conference is nothing new. Many are growing weary of her schtick.


  1. Catholic Parishioner says

    Excellent summary of the situation so far. Let us hope Catholics hear and answer.

  2. Catholic Parishioner says

    Also, Glenn McCoy’s cartoon is classic. I wish it could be distributed in the Church bulletins. I have been thinking about it, and thinking about it… I cannot figure out how Catholics could support and vote for pro-abortion candidates. I am sorry to say it is little wonder we Catholics do not get respect in the mainstream media, as we do not vote in a way consistent with our professed beliefs. I asked one guy in my parish who said he voted for Obama and would do so again, how he justified voting for pro-abortion. He said, I pray. That’s terrific – I had to just walk away.

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