7 Quick Takes Friday (set #147)

7 Quick Takes Friday

A beautiful, vibrant church may be crushed. An amazingly evil abortion bill is proposed and solidly supported by 1 easily identifiable group. Many presidents from both parties have spoken on their Christian faith in the past, here is one. A black man rants about Ferguson, but from a different perspective than many. Antisemitism is the only explanation for the 1-sided support of Palestine (Hamas). Two good analysis videos are offered. The quality of Hamas staged scenes is slipping (the world will likely lap it up anyway).

— 1 —

The beautiful Holy Innocents church in New York City may be closed. It is vibrant, growing, self-sustaining and the only daily traditional Latin Mass available. I suspect it is that last fact which endangers it as no other credible reason has been offered. Take a look, this is brief:

Please consider signing this respectful petition to Cardinal Dolan.

— 2 —

ATTENTION DEMOCRATS: every voting Senate Democrat voted for S. 1696 last month. It was one of the most radical abortion bills ever before them. Its purpose was to, in one sweeping gesture, wipe out almost every pro-life law passed by states. We are talking about laws requiring informed consent, restricting partial-birth abortion, medical safety standards and use of public funds. They called it the Women’s Health Protection Act but a better name would have been the Gosnell Prerogative Act or The Real War on Women Act. Every single Democratic senator who voted (51 – only 1 did not vote) voted for this:

Partial Birth Abortion

These are not evil people. Many are very nice, responsive to their constituents and support responsible government programs. Yet, when it comes to killing children in the womb, they can be counted on to support the most egregious proposals put before them. The people are not evil but their actions are extremely so. NOTHING trumps life. Will you vote for people who do everything in their power to make this possible?

— 3 —

A president speaks from the heart on Christian faith:

Real hope and change, not what we have now.

— 4 —

An angry black man speaks about Ferguson, MO and the sorry state of black America.

— 5 —

Why are so many people protesting against Israel with so much anger, while nary a peep is heard against Muslims anywhere?

— 6 —

The quality of Hamas staged scenes is slipping. Here we have a display of victims of “Israeli aggression” upon the innocent and peace loving people of Palestine. The martyred are lying in an impressive display in their burial shrouds:

— 7 —

The hypocrisy surrounding the Hamas attack on Israel is incredible. Do people really not know any of the history? Do they even care about truth? Here, Pat Condell gives a good summary of the big picture which somehow is being completely hidden:

Some random thoughts or bits of information are worthy of sharing but don’t warrant their own full post. This idea was started by Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary to address this blogging need. So, some Fridays I too participate when I have accumulated 7 worthy items. Thank you Jen for hosting this project!

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