7 Quick Takes Friday (set #60)

7 Quick Takes Friday the 13th

This week: Several new vocational videos. An update on a falsely convicted priest. Issues for Catholics, other Christians and all Americans to consider in November. It’s back to church time at the White House. Jesse Jackson: Jesus was an occupier. Catholic church bowling alleys – who knew? Born again Catholics.

— 1 —

The Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana has produced this new priest vocation video. I quite like it, but the Anchoress is somewhat less excited.

The Diocese of Rockville Center on Long Island has also produced a really good vocations video. It is longer, less of a promotion and more “meat and potatoes,” with 7 priests individually answering 9 questions about the call to the priesthood.

Finally, This Side of Eden is a documentary film about the Benedictine monks of Westminster Abbey in Mission, B.C. The trailer alone makes a good vocation promotion video:

— 2 —

After the children (obviously), the next largest group of sex scandal victims were innocent priests. Unscrupulous people (and their lawyers) seeking cash settlements fabricated abuse, victim rights groups see every priest as deranged and dangerous, and liberal news media see an opportunity to attack the Church for her true moral teaching.

Many innocent priests have suffered greatly, some imprisoned longer than guilty rapists and murderers. I wrote about Father Gordon MacRae’s sad case in February. Ryan MacDonald wrote about this case yesterday for Catholic Lane. In Why Do SNAP and VOTF Fear the Case of Fr. Gordon MacRae? he looks at how the media and victims rights groups treated Fr. MacRae when he was accused and their silence now that strong exonerating evidence has emerged. Shameful.

— 3 —

Divisive class warfare demagoguery aside, what are the real issues that should guide our November vote?

— 4 —

It’s back to church time for the Obamas! After a protracted absence, the family has began attending services from now all the way through the November election. There is more! While our president spoke only vaguely of “holiday greetings” 2 years ago and broke new ground last year by skipping the Easter address altogether, this election year his campaign provided a solid Christian sounding one. This is exciting news for his efforts in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Keith Koffler has the story: Obama Wishes You a Very Religious Easter.

— 5 —

What level is too low for even Jesse Jackson to stoop to? I don’t know, but calling our Lord and Savior an “occupier” doesn’t reach it. The Rev. Jackson reminds us that Jesus was killed because he fought and occupied the corrupt temple. Why should the rich occupy the holy place while the widow across the street is the 99%?

Spotted on Weasel Zippers (by Matthew)

— 6 —

The door on the left reads “Adoration Chapel”, the one on the right “Bowling Alley” (FWIW, their widths appear to be the same). This is St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Peoria, IL. Apparently, and completely unbeknownst to me, having a small bowling alley in your church was something of a fad in the 40’s and 50’s. A few are still left. According to this USA Today article, Catholics appear to be well represented. Per their website, St. Ann’s alley was built by the men’s club in order to sell beer before noon on Sundays. Really.

— 7 —

Catholics are born again Christians. At my parish Friday Morning Men’s Fellowship I spoke about that and related topics some months ago. Russ Rentler has taken-up the topic in an excellent reader response: Are There Born Again Catholics?.

Some random thoughts or bits of information are worthy of sharing but don’t warrant their own full post. This idea was started by Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary to address this blogging need. So, some Fridays I too participate when I have accumulated 7 worthy items. Thank you Jen for hosting this project!


  1. #2 I’d heard for some time of people making up claims, but I had thought they only did that to dead priests. It’s terrible that any priest is falsely accused of such things, but how does one sleep at night sending a man to prison for your greed!
    #6 I wish my parish had a bowling alley!

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