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Father Leo Clifford

Unable to sleep early one morning several years ago, I decided to listen to EWTN. Tucked between programs was a reflection by Father Leo Clifford, OFM. The intro music sounded like it went with a soap opera or maybe something Vincent Price might have used. When Father began to speak, his style of oration felt formal and aristocratic. The whole thing sounded a bit bizarre. On the other hand, I had nothing better to do so I listened.

Putting aside my initial reaction, I found Fr. Clifford’s reflection to be surprisingly (considering my expectations) good. I, along with many others, have become very fond of his brief (under 10 minute) reflections. They make me think, draw connections I had not made before and learn. When I listen to them now, I often play them twice to get the most out of them. They are treasures.

The music and oration that was at first a bit off-putting, now seems appropriate for such excellent, serious topics masterfully understood and presented. Father died one year ago (February 16, 2012) but this portion of his work lives on. EWTN offers both audio CDs and DVD videos on their website. They also offer (for personal use) MP3 audio files for download. For your convenience, they are linked below via an audio player.

  1. Play Charity   (VIDEO )
  2. Play Christianity   (VIDEO )
  3. Play Faith   (VIDEO )
  4. Play Forgiveness   (VIDEO )
  5. Play Holy Communion   (VIDEO )
  6. Play Hope   (VIDEO )
  7. Play Mercy of God   (VIDEO )
  8. Play Our Lady   (VIDEO )
  9. Play Philosophy of Life   (VIDEO )
  10. Play Prayer   (VIDEO )
  11. Play The Holy Spirit   (VIDEO )
  12. Play The Mass
  13. Play A Name Not a Number   (VIDEO )
  14. Play Appealing Words   (VIDEO )
  15. Play Are We Consistent   (VIDEO )
  16. Play Duty   (VIDEO )
  17. Play God's Will   (VIDEO )
  18. Play Gratitude   (VIDEO )
  19. Play Greatness   (VIDEO )
  20. Play How We Handle Our Failures   (VIDEO )
  21. Play Humility   (VIDEO )
  22. Play On Talking to Ourselves   (VIDEO )
  23. Play One Day at a Time   (VIDEO )
  24. Play Our Father
  25. Play Reminders   (VIDEO )
  26. Play Sin of Omission   (VIDEO )
  27. Play Sin   (VIDEO )
  28. Play Suffering   (VIDEO )
  29. Play The Agony and Ecstasy   (VIDEO )
  30. Play The Importance of One Person   (VIDEO )
  31. Play The Lord's Prayer   (VIDEO )
  32. Play The Love of God   (VIDEO )
  33. Play The Mother of God   (VIDEO )
  34. Play Three Things   (VIDEO )
  35. Play Without Christ   (VIDEO )
  36. Play Building Business
  37. Play Discipline   (VIDEO )
  38. Play First Hand Faith   (VIDEO )
  39. Play God's Ways   (VIDEO )
  40. Play Grief of God   (VIDEO )
  41. Play Missed Opportunities   (VIDEO )
  42. Play Purpose of Life   (VIDEO )
  43. Play Respectable Sins   (VIDEO )
  44. Play The Christ Who Needs Us
  45. Play The Greatest Commandment   (VIDEO )
  46. Play This is Your Life   (VIDEO )
  47. Play To Know   (VIDEO )
  48. Play Banquet of God   (VIDEO )
  49. Play Blessed Sacrament   (VIDEO )
  50. Play God's Truth   (VIDEO )
  51. Play Heart of God   (VIDEO )
  52. Play How to Handle Worry   (VIDEO )
  53. Play Our Lingering Sins   (VIDEO )
  54. Play Radiant Living   (VIDEO )
  55. Play Sermon on the Mount   (VIDEO )
  56. Play Solutions   (VIDEO )
  57. Play St. Francis   (VIDEO )
  58. Play Unfinished Symphony   (VIDEO )
  59. Play Who We Are   (VIDEO )

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  1. I have never heard of this priest before. The topics look inviting. I plan to sample a few. Lately I have been engaging with some Evangelical cousins of mine, former Catholics, about Jesus’ presence in the Holy Eucharist. I have basically asked them whether or not they miss receiving Jesus in Holy Communion. The answer seems to be no. Maybe I’ll find some materials from Fr. Leo that will help me with this dialogue.

  2. Lola aboukhalil says

    +++ I love Father Leo Clifford’s Reflections: I watch him everyday after 3:00pm the Divine Mercy. He has in his voice a purity of Holiness and I love his topics which are amazing!!!! May the good Lord guide him and bless him and all his loved ones Amen +++ Thank you also to EWTN to all the workers behind the scene. +++ May God bless us all Amen +++
    +Lola Aboukhalil+

  3. Renato Esposito sr. says

    I love Father Leo Clifford”s Reflections. I listen to them every morning, right after I finish reading the scriptures. His reading are very uplifting. I had recently found out. That Father Clifford had passed on. Now I conclude my prayers with him.

  4. A few weeks ago I came across Fr. Clifford by accident on EWTN. Of course it wasn’t by accident. God directed me to him. I have my TV set to change the channel so I’ll never miss his words. God bless him in Heaven. I love hearing him.

  5. I discovered Fr Leo Clifford on EWTN Oct 2016. I find his talks very valuable. I wish they had his Reflections in written form as well as the DVD and CDs. I often have to stop the DVD several times to think about what he is saying. I’m sure he is sitting at the feet of our Savior right now. God bless and thank you.

  6. Back in 2008 when the time first I watched EWTN, Fr. Leo’s reflection struck my attention. He speaks the core value of the faith, the essential meaning of Christianity. I really admire him. For quite long I didn’t go back to the TV channel. It’s really surprised me that he passed away in 2012. I am sure now he already happy in the Thy Kingdom. Thank you for sharing these video series of him, God bless you!

  7. I watch him every day

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