7 Quick Takes Friday (set #61)

7 Quick Takes Friday

This week: A powerful video: If I wanted America to fail. Father Z takes us on a trip down memory lane with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. The Mississippi governor nails it. What a post-ObamaCare world will look like. Wheelchairs are so 20th century. Federal debt is an enormous social justice issue. A quote of the week.

— 1 —

Hope and change. Not my hope and not my desire to “fundamentally change America”:

Spotted by Patrick Archbold at CMR

— 2 —

Catholic women religious are, and always have been, outstanding examples of service to the Church. HOWEVER, some among them – particularly their leadership – are seriously heterodox. They have repeatedly taken positions in opposition to the teaching of the Gospel and have rejected the authority of Christ’s Church. The scandal this caused has done real damage.

This is finally being addressed in a respectful and sensitive manner. Father Zuhlsdorf assembled a compilation of incidents to remind us why this action is necessary: Nuns Gone Wild: A Trip Down Memory Lane.

— 3 —

Mississippi governor Phil Bryant recently signed into law a bill requiring physicians performing surgical abortions to be board certified and have admitting privileges at a hospital. Yes, this is a pro-life law (Planned Parenthood is “sick about” it). It also protects the women receiving surgical abortions.

On a radio talk show, he opines that the left – enamored with women’s health – should rush to support this bill. Gov. Bryant bluntly explains why they don’t:

Supporting his view of their hypocrisy, we see in California the pro-abortion lobby pushed for (update: and achieved) *less* protection in not requiring a doctor AT ALL. The left will have to update their mantra that the “choice” is between a woman and her doctor to “abortion practitioner”. Planned Parenthood thinks this is a dandy idea.

— 4 —

With ObamaCare gone, either by judicial or legislative remedies, what happens to healthcare? Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar suggests in a recent piece – The next health care overhaul? Look to employers – the probable positive outcomes. Worth a read.

— 5 —

Wheelchairs are so 20th century.

— 6 —

The crushing impact of federal debt on the economy, the resulting impact on families and the burden placed on our children is an extremely serious social justice issue. This graphic sums up our free-fall from prosperity:

Obama First Term Debt

In the coming months, you will be *ceaselessly* bombarded by class-warfare advertisements, backed by biased, liberal media to question if Mitt Romney has too much money. It is a ridiculous distraction.

Obama Spending

— 7 —

Quote of the week:

Deconstructing one of President Obama’s speeches can be a bit like taking a trip to an alternate universe.

Michael Tanner in the National Review Online

Some random thoughts or bits of information are worthy of sharing but don’t warrant their own full post. This idea was started by Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary to address this blogging need. So, some Fridays I too participate when I have accumulated 7 worthy items. Thank you Jen for hosting this project!


  1. I never thought I’d actually say that I applaud Phil Bryant on anything but his law makes perfect sense. If you can’t get rid of abortion, at least regulate it. Former South Dakota governor Mike Rounds did a similar thing 8 years ago.

  2. #1 Hopefully we can elect someone else this fall for “Change we can believe in”.
    #6 I’d never thought about the debt as a social justice issue, but I can see how it is. As far as the picture comparing the debt between President Obama and the previous 43, two things: 1) It should be previous 42 since President Jackson actually eliminated the federal debt. 2) The numbers for President Obama seem to include the Stimulus which was passed under President Bush’s administration and so that piece of debt should be under the previous 42.

    • George M. Sipe says

      I would still count Jackson in the first figure, his own contribution being $0.

      I agree that the graphic should have represented Bush’s stimulus properly. The fact is, Bush was a terrible president when it comes to spending and constitutional rights. Obama just took us to the next level on both of these.

  3. Where did you get that statistic from on Obama verses the other presidents? I want to really break it down how they came up with that numbers. Don’t worry I believe you I just need to know the source I can’t stand Obama either. I just need your source. Thanks!

    • There is wide agreement that the accumulated public debt (vs. gross federal debt which includes things like social security and medicare) at the time Obama took office was $6.3 trillion. The exact debt accumulated by Obama, calculated on-the-fly, is much more difficult and estimates are colored by partisan interests.

      The liberal media often focuses on disproving the statement that he has more than doubled the public debt. Using older figures and sometimes magic math, they can come up with an increase of as low as ONLY 60% or so. Just taking their word for it, we should be appalled that he single-handedly increased the debt not by 1/43 (2.3%) but by 60%.

      The graphic projects his total debt for his full, 4 year term. The actual number probably won’t be known until a year into the next presidential term.

      Also note that with Obama’s extraordinary increase, public debt now exceeds our entire Gross Domestic Product. This is not disputed and puts us in the same league as the collapsing economies of Greece, Iceland, Italy and Portugal. That is TODAY. The Senate Budget Committee projects that the impact of Obama’s budget plan will put us on top by 2022 for per capita debt at $44,215 (see this link).

      What is truly amazing is how so many people do not understand (or perhaps care about?) the certain implications of this. This financial ruin will take decades (at best) to fix and cause tremendous suffering for all of us. Instead, we are urged to focus on the false “war on women”, Romney’s (self-earned) wealth, non-existent rights (gay “marriage”), insignificant energy sources (“green energy”) and the like. Have we really been dumbed down that far? (Sorry for the rant Adrian.)

      • Haha it’s ok I don’t mind the ranting we all need to blow steam. I do agree that Obama has major issues with economics and it is sad that he focuses on issues that either don’t matter or make things worse. I just wanted the source to verify and then to spread the word with people who still agree he is good because they don’t know economics (or the constitution) either. I say that figure is low though adding all of the future value of losses because we wasted four years taking steps backwards, these losses will build up via bad healthcare economics, poor retirement planning, bad energy bills, and just a pure waste of resources. Either way thank you for answering my question and good blog I love your writing, keep it up!

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