Resources: Convert Journal YouTube channel

Resources Cj Youtube Channel

When I began this blog I had little interest including video material. My first 7 Quick Takes Friday had no pictures or videos! Today, most of those sets (now up to #30) are mostly video – mostly YouTube videos to be specific.

Sometimes I want to revisit a video that I published previously but do not remember exactly where. Well over 100 videos have been included in the 150 Convert Journal blog posts so far. Some of you may have hoped to find a video here too. It is relatively easy to search text, but video is another matter.

My most favorite videos appear under the Video tab at the top of the blog. That is useful for several reasons, but it only covers a dozen or so.

The solution? The shiny, new Convert Journal YouTube channel! Here you will find all the YouTube videos published on Convert Journal, organized into a handful of convenient “Playlists” by subject area.

All of the social media goodness is there too. You can subscribe to the channel to be notified when a new video is added. You can comment on videos. If you use YouTube regularly, it will integrate well with your other usage.

Stop by and explore.

This is probably a good time to talk about the other ways to follow this blog. Of course, you can always bookmark it and revisit from time to time. Other, more convenient means are available as well:

  • From a reader – any RSS (or Atom) reader will work well. These allow you to (freely) “subscribe” to blogs and other sources of information. New information such as Convert Journal blog posts automatically show up in a fashion analogous to the way you receive e-mail. One very popular form of this is Feedly. I use that to follow dozens of sites and highly recommend it. Others following this blog also use built-in or add-on RSS capabilities of their browsers (e.g. Firefox “Live Bookmarks” and Opera RSS Reader), Mac OS X RSS Reader, and various Windows RSS programs. Some folks also follow Convert Journal from “widgets” on their Google (i.e. “iGoogle”) or Yahoo homepages.
  • Via Email – each new Convert Journal post can be sent to you via email. Your email address is never, ever shared with anyone else and you may “unsubscribe” at any time. There is one significant limitation. E-mail messages will not include the embedded videos. You will see all the text and probably the graphics, but not the videos. If you subscribe by email, just click the post title at the top of any message to open your web browser to that entry and all of its embedded content.
  • On FacebookConvert Journal has a Facebook fan page that includes an extract from every post. Facebook users who “Like” the page automatically receive these on their “walls” as new posts are made. If they are of interest, the user simply clicks on the entry to open their browser to the full post.
  • On Twitter – Twitter lovers can receive a “tweet” whenever a new Convert Journal post is published. The tweet includes the post title and a link to the full post.

However you choose to receive your bi-weekly dose of Convert Journal, I am thrilled of, and humbled by your interest. Thank you. Feel free to comment (any of the various means) or send me a private e-mail message at any time.

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