7 Quick Takes Friday (set #126)

7 Quick Takes Friday

This week: Britt Hume gives an excellent summation on Roe’s big day. The President gives 1 paragraph on the topic (every word he wrote is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the’). Fr. Barron looks at ever-growing anti-Catholicism. A defense of marriage before the Indiana House. Russ Rentler updates the Stones Under My Thumb. Youth 2000. A wonderful animated short you won’t want to miss.

— 1 —

Britt Hume’s summation hits the right chord on this anniversary of Roe:

— 2 —

Fr. Z was reminded of the Hellman / McCarthy debate by President Obama’s recent 1 paragraph statement on the Roe anniversary (“Every word [he] writes is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the’.”).

Read Matthew Schmitz’ excellent piece over at First Things: Eight Lies in President Obama’s Roe Statement.

— 3 —

Anti-Catholic prejudice is not only alive and well, but more blatant than ever. Including from the nominal (at most) Catholics in the far-left political wing (e.g. Andrew Cuomo). Fr. Barron has some excellent comments:

— 4 —

Indiana, like so many other states, is considering redefining marriage to be something it simply isn’t. Ryan Anderson gave wonderful testimony to their House Judiciary Committee recently on why that is such a bad idea:

Spotted by Fr. Hollowell

— 5 —

Russ Rentler has observed how well the Rolling Stones offensive classic Under My Thumb fits the Obama administration’s jackboot oppression of the Little Sisters of the Poor. He updated the composition and performs it here:

— 6 —

The UK’s Youth 2000 recent (12/29 to 1/1) Home Coming event has closed. (I also wrote about them last July.) Here are their wrap-up highlights videos:

— 7 —

This animated short is entitled Changing Batteries. You will like it.

Msgr. Charles Pope has written about it in From Battery Life To Real Life. An Allegory about Dying and Rising in a touching Cartoon. Good stuff.

Some random thoughts or bits of information are worthy of sharing but don’t warrant their own full post. This idea was started by Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary to address this blogging need. So, some Fridays I too participate when I have accumulated 7 worthy items. Thank you Jen for hosting this project!

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