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A new feature of Convert Journal is a curated library of brief audio clips, each focused on a single topic. The clips are excerpts from Catholic radio shows of top apologists. I listen to a lot of these shows and come across exceptional responses to callers’ questions and comments. The shows are then saved, I extract just the clip, then add it to the library for your convenience.

One of my favorite apologists is convert Dr. David Anders of Called to Communion. The CJ audio library is therefore launched with 43 clips from him. Those initial topics are:

  • Are Only Catholics Saved?
  • Assurance of Salvation (#1)
  • Assurance of Salvation (#2)
  • Baptism and Justification
  • Catholic Church
  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • Eucharistic Belief
  • Good Person
  • Holy Matrimony
  • Homosexual Marriage
  • How Are We Saved
  • In Virtro Fertilization
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Justification
  • Male Priesthood
  • Man Woman Marriage
  • Marriage in Heaven
  • Mary Perpetual Virginity
  • Mary’s Predestination
  • Mass Liturgies
  • Must Priests Marry
  • Nature of God
  • Nature of Mass
  • Not Baptized and Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Once Saved
  • Penal Substitution vs. Sacrifice
  • Praying to Saints
  • Presuppositionalism
  • Priesthood
  • Purgatory (#1)
  • Purgatory (#2)
  • Relationship with God
  • Sacred Tradition
  • Salvation Views
  • Salvation thru the Church
  • Scientism Confession the Dead
  • Sign of the Cross
  • The Good News
  • The Orthodox
  • The Sabbath
  • Unbloody Sacrifice
  • Upon This Rock
  • Why Mass is a Sacrifice

I highly recommend these! Just listen to one (they are only a few minutes long) and I bet you will be hooked. Go ahead, which topic in that list do you have questions about or an interest in?

The library is listed under the Archive tab as one of my special projects and appears as a “badge” in my sidebar. Go there now!

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