RCsocial.net: a new Catholicism focused micro-blogging service


RCsocial.net is a new project I am working on, for Catholics and those with an interest in Catholicism. It is a free micro-blogging service or what some might call a type of message board. It is a wonderful way to evangelize and for us to support each other.

Faithful Catholics have used and continue to use services like Twitter and Facebook, but such venues are increasingly hostile to those they disagree with. Punishments meted out include “shadow-banning” (without warning, your messages are simply hidden from others), your account is suspended or even removed. If, for example, you oppose abortion, euthanasia, “gay marriage”, gender “fluidity”, or really anything sinful – especially if legally permitted – then you may be targeted. If you personally have not yet had any issues, many others have so open discussion is already suppressed (unless it affirms the culture).

RCsocial.net offers Catholics and those interested in Catholicism a friendly, welcoming environment. It is an “instance” of the independent, fast-growing Mastodon network. Each instance focuses on its own areas of interest, in this case, Catholicism. All instances are interconnected to provide seamless intercommunication. It’s slick and out of the control of the highly biased, agenda-driven silicon valley tech giants. It is also easy to use, guards your privacy instead of exploiting it, and has no advertising. It is a breath of fresh air.

A whole lot more on RCsocial.net‘s why’s, wherefore’s and howtos are available in the RCsocial.net Overview and User Guide.

You are invited to give it a spin as there is no substitute for trying it out. Signing up is fast and easy. It is solidly Catholic, honest and interesting.

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