7 Quick Takes Friday (set #111)

7 Quick Takes Friday the 13th

This week: The latest issue of New Evangelists Monthly is complete and ready for you. Light of Love is a terrific new film on religious life. Mama Hill and her loving outreach to the poor. Friendship, solidarity and love on display in a beer commercial. UK pro-aborts get tangled in sex selection scandal. The new leader of the free world. Hail to thee, newest iProduct.

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New Evangelists Monthly

Issue #9, September 2013, of New Evangelists Monthly is complete! Scores of faithful Catholic bloggers have contributed their very best pieces from July. This month brought these great topics: laborers, camping, Holy Spirit charisms, refreshment, trust in God, KIT, Tori, guilt, a smack, success, complete trust, infinite bandwidth, made for, Rosary, conversion, St. Joseph, repeating, book reviews, G+, niceness?, science and transubstantiation, others burdens, reversion, Mary crafts, pray for prayer, St. Roch, touch the poor, liberation, doubt, hagiography, 5 books, Rosary quotes, Sunday, LOH hymns, IQ vs. fertility, not a waste, night prayer, organic catechesis, St. Brendan, it’s not Coca Cola, saying goodbye, self-imposed, common sense, top activities, cat-in-hat Eucharist, not worthy, Psalm 139, abortion, jeans, death jargon, blame, doctors’ advice, watered down, Bottum’s surrender, Hunger Games, CF adventuring, bells, sticker unnecessary, God’s nature, with us, soulmates, not spit, a shrine, camping, pro-aborts, infallibility, on children, perfect timing and loving Him.

This monthly “meta-magazine” showcases faithful Catholicism from theology to family life and “everything in between.” Enjoy it now at NewEvangelists.org.

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As they describe themselves: “Imagine Sisters wants to make Jesus loved by introducing the world to religious sisters in love with Christ through media and personal encounters. We want to encourage and inspire a culture of vocations to women’s religious life by fostering a deep desire for holiness through the witness of religious sisters.”

That trailer is just a taste of Light of Love, a beautiful film on religious life from Lighthouse Catholic Media. The full work is 60 minutes and well worth watching. If you do not have the time now, make a note — but come back later. Click here to watch!

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This is a wonderful story about love in action through one Mama Hill, a retired LA school teacher:

Spotted by Marcel

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Friendship, solidarity, love.

Spotted by Badger Catholic

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Abortions are just dandy in the UK (and elsewhere) unless they are for sex selection reasons. This makes no sense to me. Why should this reason block a woman from her sacred choice? Wouldn’t being punished with a child of non-preferred sex be psychologically traumatic to a woman? What right does the state have to inflict this violence upon her body?

Anyway, in a recent dust-up an undercover investigation has irrefutably shown this restriction to be ignored. The UK government plans to…   do absolutely nothing (not enforcing laws not liked is not unique to the POTUS). PM Cameron declares it “wrong and illegal” (but will ignore it none-the-less). Perhaps he sees the illogic of it all.

A possible pro-life strategy that occurs to me is working to strengthen laws against abortion only for males. This would raise many tough issues for the pro-aborts and just maybe cause them to think it through a little better.

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Putin Free World Leader

Fr. Z (a/k/a Father John Zuhlsdorf), considering the long series of foreign policy gaffes (which seems impossible to stop), has led to 1 outcome. President Obama has passed the “leader of the free world” crown to Russia’s Vladimir Putin. See Father’s insightful comments here.

I wonder if Obama will have to return the Nobel Peace Prize so that it can be re-awarded to Putin?

While these two battle it out in an obviously poorly matched fight, pray for the people of Syria. Obama’s famous ego might be bruised, but innocent people are suffering every day in a war between two evil sides.

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Do you idolize Apple? Is your adoration so great that you know in advance, no matter what iProduct they offer, it is automatically worthy of your worship? If so, this might be a good time to rethink your priorities.

Some random thoughts or bits of information are worthy of sharing but don’t warrant their own full post. This idea was started by Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary to address this blogging need. So, some Fridays I too participate when I have accumulated 7 worthy items. Thank you Jen for hosting this project!


  1. I love Mama Hill! What a sweet heart.

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