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We have our “progressive” fringe as evidenced by Jennifer Sleeman, an Irish octogenarian. Ms. Sleeman organized a boycott of Mass last weekend by all liberal women who are outraged at the Church, for whatever it is they are outraged about now. The press loves this stuff.

“Whatever change you long for, recognition, ordination, the end of celibacy, which is another means of keeping women out, join with your sisters and let the hierarchy know by your absence that the days of an exclusively male-dominated church are over.”

Naturally, Women’s Ordination Worldwide jumped on-board with their full support. Of the billion+ Catholics worldwide, there were probably a dozen women who normally go to Church but chose to support the boycott. Fortunately, the faithful know better. Irish attendance was actually up slightly.

This lunacy makes as much sense as women boycotting their husbands until they become pregnant as equals. UK blogger Father Ray Blake covers this story well:

Missing Mass is a serious sin, encouraging others to do it is a wicked and divisive thing. It is a demonstration that for people like Sleeman there is little about the duty of being present at Calvary or taking part in the Liturgy of Heaven. The Mass and the Church too is seen just as meeting, an assembly, a rally, a family meal, at which the disgruntled like petulant adolescents can absent themselves.

Nevertheless Sleeman’s action is deeply worrying and is perhaps significant of what is happening to many Liberals today who are boycotting themselves out of the Church. For them the Catholic Church is becoming an alien place, no wonder during the visit some of them were happier to be amongst the angry grey faces of the Protest the Popers rather than amongst the happy, joyful crowds that welcomed him.

In some ways it is tempting to say good riddance to those who seem to have little in common with orthodox Catholicism, who are selective in their beliefs, dismissive of any Magisterium, who are happier with circle dancing than monthly confession, preferring the eneagram to Benediction, who squirm at the mention of an Indulgence but ultimately here we are talking about souls and their loss here. We cannot be happy or complacent at their loss or their absence.

Read the whole article entitled Lost Liberal Souls.

Matthew Archbold also covers this over at Creative Minority Report in his piece Did You Boycott Church?



  1. Then, some modern women might ask, what are we to do in the Church? They might want to take a look at my post, which answers this question–woman to woman. It's called: Just What IS a Woman's Role If She Cannot Be Ordained? http://kathleenscatholic.blogspot.com/2010/06/just-what-is-womans-role-if-she-cannot.html

    Your readers might also enjoy this article, which explains the very special grace that is given only to women–the angels do not even receive it.

    To learn about the powerful and life-changing role of the authentic Catholic woman in the church and society, readers might want to check out the book The Authentic Catholic Woman. It's beautifully written and inspiring. Here's my book review. http://kathleenscatholic.blogspot.com/2010/07/authentic-catholic-woman-book-review.html

    Thanks so much for this post, George. As always, very edifying! And let's pray for the conversion of heart in the very modern women of today. (Believe me, I undertand. I was there once, too.) God bless.

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