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Convert Journal Memes:

  • Essays: brief, original essays on a wide variety of Catholic topics.
  • Elsewhere: articles I found elsewhere that deserve wider exposure – with additional commentary introductions.
  • 7 Quick Takes Friday: brief items (mostly videos) of special interest. I use this convenient digest format instead of more frequent, short posts.
  • Convert Spotlight: the moving journeys of people to the Church.
  • Not in Scripture: scripture verses on a particular topic with a twist – strike-thru changes to match how some misinterpret the Word of God.
  • Parish Life: brief photo essays showcasing an event or other parish activity.
  • Catholic Resources: introductions to notable, faithful online information sources.
  • Reviews: reviews of recent books on Catholicism.
  • Baltimore Catechism: a classic reference on our faith, published 1 chapter at a time.
  • War on Religion: attacks on the freedom to practice our faith. Sadly, we Christians are slowly losing this war led by the political left.
  • Video Favorites: not a meme, but a special page of my all-time, favorite videos!

Special Convert Journal Projects:

  • New Evangelists Monthly: a popular monthly “meta-magazine” (online and eBook!) showcasing the best posts of faithful Catholic bloggers.





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