Video Favorites

These are some of my favorite videos featured aspect in previous posts. They are moving, entertaining and informative. View them all, you will not be disappointed! is a great place to visit for the basics of what Catholics believe. Why not find out the truth? This excellent video gives a fast-paced, but comprehensive overview of what the Catholic Church really is.

You still can ask God to help edit your life’s story. Imagine hearing God say after your life’s movie “well done, good and faithful servant.” Trust in Jesus and find hope, forgiveness, and a more abundant and everlasting life.

Why do people “come home” to the Catholic Church? Listen to their stories. If you have been away from the Catholic Church for whatever reason, take another look.

There is a way of life where simplicity brings joy and humility leads to happiness. Where is this hope and who knows the way? Our hope rests in Jesus and His Church leads the way.

Simply Catholic is what it means to be Catholic. In Illinois and all over the world.

The ordination of priests — what it is like in 90 seconds.

Visible, testable Eucharistic miracles have occurred throughout history and continue to this day.

Often misunderstood is why Catholics venerate the Blessed Mother, often with a demand for a scriptural basis. This video provides that in an interesting, informative way.

One of our many amazing religious communities, the Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael\’s Abbey… “to share the heart of God with man”.

This secular video from the UK is fantastic, explaining why seat belts are important without violence or a single word.

What if you were pregnant with a child who you knew would have no arms and no legs? What if you had no arms and no legs? Is that a life worth living?

Many political ads follow a well recognized formula. Here is one, but unlike many it is completely honest. Completely honest and completely hilarious!

All the videos featured aspect on this blog are also available on the Convert Journal Youtube Channel. There you will find not only my favorites featured aspect above, but many other videos well organized into a handful of playlists. Be sure to check it out!