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Until August 2009 my religious identity was firmly settled, or so I thought… This journal really starts then but was launched at the beginning of January 2010, prior to joining the Church.

This is my journey in the Catholic Church — and some observations along the way. I was a life-long, single denomination Protestant who was as surprised as anybody to find himself ever becoming Catholic!

There are many wonderful Catholic convert stories in print and on the web. This is mine and maybe some part of it will resonate with you. You may have a nagging feeling something is missing in your life. Your church might be changing along a path that does not feel right. Perhaps you wonder what Catholics really believe. I am glad you are here and happy, even if it is just the two of us reading it. Welcome.

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I wrote about my Conversion Story in 4 parts. Please see:

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I have been married for over 30 years. My wife and I are originally from Pennsylvania but have lived in the south for most of our married life. We have been blessed with a daughter who is now in college. We have been active in our community. Professionally, I have had many roles in the computer industry including various technical, finance and managerial positions. Since 2006, I have run my own company creating and managing the web presence of small businesses.

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