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Resources Regina Magazine

Regina Magazine is a FREE publication which launched its first online edition last February (2013). It is published in PDF format, but may also be viewed online on their website (via the online Issuu PDF viewer). Regina also offers an RSS feed.

Let me warn you right up-front: the website is not very good (presentation, organization, broken links and so on). The content however, is excellent and the PDFs look like something you should be paying for (donations are requested). The articles are widely varied, fairly short and always 100% faithful to the teaching of the Magisterium. Many stories are told from a first person perspective, as our faith is experienced. Their tag line is “Inspiring. Intelligent. Catholic.” I agree.

The editions to date are (English versions, but also available in Spanish and German):

  • Vol 6 – Priests Issue (online / PDF)
  • Vol 5 – Christmas Issue, Christmas 2013 (online / PDF)
  • Vol 4 – Fall Issue, Fall 2013 (online / PDF)
  • Vol 3 – Summer Issue, April 2013 (online / PDF)
  • Vol 2 – Spring Issue, April 2013 (online / PDF)
  • Vol 1 – Winter Issue, February 2013 (online / PDF)

Personally, I download the PDF versions to my Android tablet and read them there with my favorite PDF reader app (Moon+ Reader Pro). I also subscribe to the RSS feed and follow that via Feedly. (See it also in my sidebar under Great Blogs.)

Beginning with Volume 4, the content is organized (mostly) in sections. Here is a sample from that edition:

  • Columbus the Catholic
  • Update: The Latin Mass in America Today – A Candid Interview with Byron Smith
  • One Man’s Perspective – After 30 years of working to support the Latin Mass
  • May God Give Us Strength – To Do What Needs to Be Done
  • The Parishes
    • The Cathedral of South Saint Louis – Restoring Saint Francis de Sales Oratory
    • How I Got to Saint Louis – An Interview with Canon Raphael Ueda
    • Prayer, Prudence, and Courage
    • East Side, West Side, All Around the Town – The Latin Mass in New Your City
    • My First Time – Discovering the Latin Mass in West Virginia
    • Bringing the ‘Catholic’ Back to a California Parish
    • The Wonder of ‘Weird’ Portland – How Holy Rosary Parish Thrives
  • The Orders
    • The Sisters
    • The Nashville Dominicans – Springtime for an American Order of Preachers
    • The Order with Vocations ‘from the least expected places’
    • Young Americans Today ‘Know What Emptiness Is’
    • The Sisters Of Mercy and the Statues in the Attic – A Treacherous Journey
    • The Fast Growing Friars – The Eastern Province of the Dominicans
    • “Maybe He Will Be a Priest” – Nick’s Story
  • A Diocese
    • Living In Lincoln – A Beautiful Catholic Culture
    • Back from the ‘Promised Land’ – Our Move to Nebraska from California
  • The Schools
    • 11 Steps to Selecting a Catholic Homeschool Curriculum
    • In Their Own Words
    • The Family That Learns Together – The Homeschooling Hesters
  • The Universities
    • “In True Franciscan Fashion” – The Steubenville Story
    • Towards a Catholic Resurgence in the Media – John Paul Catholic University
    • A Liberating Education – Thomas Aquinas College
    • Breathing Catholic in the Shenandoah Valley – Christendom College
  • Style
    • A Beautiful Goodbye
    • Something Old, Something Borrowed
    • Diary of a Latin Mass Wedding
    • Veiling in America
  • The Media
    • How Catholic Radio Changed My Life
    • In Hoc Signo: “We Shall Publish” – The Amazing Success of Ignatius Press
  • The Home Front
    • Can You Be Fabulous? – An Army Wife Goes Paleo
    • A Catholic Thanksgiving, Oklahoma Style
    • Family Night – Sunday Dinner for 30
  • The Laity
    • The Catholic Gentleman – One of Facebook’s Hottest New Pages
    • Doctor Dad Says
    • Real Pilgrimages
    • Miracle in Palo Alto – How the Saint Ann Choir Kept Chant and Polyphony Alive for 50 Years
    • Ave Maria – A Very Catholic Town
    • Rebuilding a Catholic Renaissance
  • The Saints
    • The American Disciple – Chesterton with Dale Ahlquist
    • Saint Katharine Drexel – She was an American Millionaire, and a Saint
    • Francesca Cabrini – The First American Saint
    • Elizabeth Ann Seton – The First Saint Born in America

Regina is the brain-child of editor Beverly De Soto, a revert to the faith who now lives in Germany. The staff writers include 6 men and 10 women. Yet, the magazine describes itself as “aimed at women” while acknowledging “about 30% of [the] subscribers are men.” Men, ignore that! There are a few women focused pieces (e.g. “style,” “fashion” and the like) which we will of course just ignore. The gender of this wonderful magazine is “Catholic”!

Highly recommended.


  1. Any thoughts about how they portray the novus ordo mass, communion in the hand, relationship with our elder brothers in the faith, the Jews, or their opinions on our current Holy Father? I hope that the magazine will focus on the beautiful aspects of traditional Catholic practices of piety but not channel the anti-semitism and Church bashing spirit seen in some, not all, traditional Catholic circles.

    • I agree!

      Regina covers all forms of the Mass and parishes that offer both. While they enthusiastically present traditional Catholic practices, they are 100% in alignment with the Magisterium. The topics you raise would be answered by the schismatic fringe of the traditional movement opposite of what you would read in this magazine.

      Give it a read and see for yourself!

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