7 Quick Takes Friday (set #181)

7 Quick Takes Friday

This week: Two more videos have been released to further document Planned Parenthood’s highly immoral and illegal practices. How would defunding Planned Parenthood actually impact women’s healthcare? Logically, from a secular and non-religious perspective, is abortion moral? Lutheran Satire looks at the “great apostasy.” Jeff Harris illustrates the key to sin’s shackle. Millennials explain the difference between Democrats and socialists. A magic carpet (sort of).

— 1 —

The Center for Medical Progress has been more effective in budging public opinion on abortion and Planned Parenthood then most recent pro-life efforts. The horror is not of organ harvesting but in the taking of innocent lives. We must not forget that or accept this as business as usual.

The CMA has released the 7th and 8th videos. The 7th documents the “harvesting” of a baby’s brain (while still alive). The indifference to human life is astounding.

In the 8th video, we see how the baby organ selling business at Planned Parenthood is thriving. The buyers want to bump their order by another 50 livers per week.

Pro-aborts, particularly pro-abortion politicians, still refuse to watch these videos.

BONUS: if you know someone who has not watched these but who might watch a summary, CMA has also released such a video:

— 2 —

There are SO MANY lies told by PP (and repeated by their admirers) that it is almost overwhelming. One lie is the catastrophe we will bring upon women who will lose healthcare in many areas served only by PP. Or so they claim, falsely, over and over.

— 3 —

Dennis Prager looks at the morality of abortion, in a secular, logical, non-religious way. Additionally, for this argument, he also sets aside the issue of legality. This asks only: is it moral?

— 4 —

Our friends at Lutheran Satire make many good points. Why they made this video confuses me. To my Catholic eyes, it indicts them almost as much as the more recent Protestant denominations.

— 5 —

Jeff Harris at Sword of Peter illustrates a simple truth:

Sword Of Peter Confession

— 6 —

This is an interesting video. Millennials are asked to differentiate between Democrats and socialists. I appreciate the difficulty in answering that. Draw your own conclusions.

— 7 —

Segways are really cool, but expensive and not portable. The perfect Segway would be only the platform under your feet. It would be thin, easily portable, and look more like a MacBook Air than a transportation device. It might be this:

Some random thoughts or bits of information are worthy of sharing but don’t warrant their own full post. This idea was begun by Jennifer Fulwiler and is now continued by Kelly Mantoan. So, some Fridays I too participate when I have accumulated 7 worthy items. Thank you Kelly for hosting this project!

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