Membership available

Memberships Available

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We are pleased to offer immediate openings for new members with the valuable opportunity for everlasting life! Previous affiliation is not required. We do not discriminate on any basis…   all are welcome.

Originally, our organization had only one membership level. While we sincerely hope for a return to our Founder’s intended structure, membership is currently available in three levels.

Bronze Level

Bronze level memberships are available for new members who prefer an introductory level experience. This level is ideal for those seeking basic information, limited participation and minimal commitment. Bronze level memberships include these valuable benefits:

  • full initiation (we call this feature “Baptism”)
  • complimentary membership in the Body of Christ (probationary)
  • complimentary membership in the Communion of Saints (probationary)
  • exposure to Sacred Scripture (the written word of God)
  • worship services (non-judgmental, fully tolerant sermons only)
  • the basic moral compass feature
  • maximum personal flexibility in beliefs
  • the theological fruits of over 50 years experience

The bronze level is the entry level of our 2 “partial communion” membership levels. We commonly refer to these levels as “Protestant” and those at the bronze level as “progressive” or “liberal.” Note that all Protestant memberships are offered in several styles (also known as denominations).

Silver Level

Silver level membership is available for more discriminating members. This level offers:

  • all the benefits of the bronze level
  • deeper understanding of, and fidelity to, Sacred Scripture
  • enhanced worship services (God’s true word over “tolerance”)
  • an improved, better formed conscience feature
  • truth (this far superior feature replaces personal flexibility)
  • the theological fruits of over 500 years experience

The silver level is the preferred level of our 2 “partial communion, Protestant” membership levels. Unlike the bronze level, silver members enjoy significantly greater fidelity with the word of God, with the graces and blessings that flow therefrom. Within a Protestant style (a/k/a denomination), this level is commonly referred to as their “orthodox,” “conservative,” or “traditional” wing. Many bronze level styles are also available in silver level counterparts.

Gold Level

The gold level is our highest (earthly) level of membership. This level offers:

  • all the benefits of the silver level
  • the Holy Eucharist – the real presence of our Lord (body, blood, soul and divinity)
  • leadership by the Vicar of Christ
  • valid holy orders through apostolic succession (pastors are replaced by priests who may act in persona Christi)
  • the Holy Mass (more than a worship service – a foretaste of heaven!)
  • full access to all 7 sacraments
  • Sacred Tradition (all of God’s word, written and unwritten)
  • guaranteed correct, uniform interpretation of the word of God (guarantee is underwritten by the Holy Spirit)
  • the theological fruits of over 2,000 years experience

The gold level is the highest level of membership, enjoying full communion with Christ’s Church. Members at this level enjoy the fullness of the Christian faith and are commonly known as “Catholic.”

We invite you to join our organization at whatever level you feel comfortable with. You may choose to upgrade your membership level at any time as your faith deepens. Upgrades are free, as is membership itself at any level.

All membership levels offer a path to eternal life. While the highest level is recommended for best results, any level is preferred to non-membership. Disclaimer: membership alone (at any level) does not automatically assure salvation.

If you previously joined but your membership has lapsed, please know that your brothers and sisters in Christ eagerly await your return. There is no reinstatement fee and full membership benefits are available immediately upon return.

Act NOW. This is a limited time offer which expires with each life. Do not miss this great opportunity while you still have time. Priests and pastors are standing by.

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