7 Quick Takes Friday (set #187)

7 Quick Takes Friday the 13th

This week: The latest issue of New Evangelists Monthly invites your perusal. Bishop Barron offers solid observations on Pope Francis and mercy. An atheist professor has a life changing near death experience. Matt Fradd takes on Cosmo’s very flawed view on porn. CCHD is about to be sprung again on unsuspecting parishioners. A video on preconceived notions. A video on gossip (and why it is wrong).

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New Evangelists Monthly

Issue #35, November 2015, of New Evangelists Monthly is ready for your enjoyment! Scores of faithful Catholic bloggers have contributed their very best pieces from October. Contributing authors this month include: Chris Capolino, Stephen Korsman, Fr. Stephen Morris, Melanie Jean Juneau, Adam Crawford, Susan Fox, Larry Fox, Dave Wanat, Frank Rega, Christian LeBlanc, Fr. Ben Hadrich, Dn. Scott Dodge, John Schroeder, Joseph Shaw, Nancy Ward, Molly Oshatz, Sr. Maresa Lilley, Lisa Laverty, Melissa Overmyer, Ellen Kolb, George Sipe, Rick Becker, Celeste Ciarallo, David Wong, Joe Simmons, Nancy Shuman, Allison Howell, Rich Maffeo, Matthew Plese, Kathleen Laplante, Elizabeth Reardon, Carolyn Astfalk, Jamie Jo, Robert Collins, Dennis McGeehan, Larry Peterson, Christina Sawchuk, David Torkington, John Donaghy, Brantly Millegan, Blythe Kaufman, Michael Seagriff, Debbie Gaudino, Ellen Gable Hrkach, Laura Pearl, Fr. Richard DeLillio, Fr. Adrian Danker, Ruth Ann Pilney, Ebeth Weidner, Barbara Szyszkiewicz, Rose O’Donnell, Theresa, Brian Gill, Tony Agnesi, David Cooney, Leslie Klinger, Bartimaeus Timeo, Shannon Vandaveer, Laura, Jeff Walker, Kirby Hoberg, Rick Rice, Bonnie Way, Lianna Mueller, Fr. Errol Fernandes, Tom Perna, Andy McNutt, Reese Cumming, Melody Marie, Barbara Hosbach, Mike Landry, Rita Buettner, Roxane Salonen, Kim Padan, Fr. Gilles Surprenant, Dianna Kennedy, Larry T, Heidi Knofczynski and Msgr. Charles Pope.

This monthly “meta-magazine” showcases faithful Catholicism from theology to family life and “everything in between.” Enjoy it now at NewEvangelists.org.

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Bishop Barron offers very good observations on Pope Francis and mercy. Mercy is such an important topic and so often misrepresented. FWIW, I also recently commented on this topic.

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This is interesting. An atheist college professor (is that redundant?) has a near death experience which changes his life. This is best described as a personal revelation (i.e. intended for him, not a general revelation to us all on the nature of death, judgment, heaven and hell).

Part 2 is here .

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Matt Fradd is rightly annoyed by Cosmopolitan Magazine‘s recent piece “8 Reasons Watching Porn Doesn’t Make Him a Cheater.”

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Reform Cchd Now

Please give generously to faithful Catholic charities. DO NOT support charities who will use your money (at least in part) to promote actions directly contrary to the Catholic faith such as the CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development). The CCHD has long been problematic with support for abortion, homosexual acts, birth control, far left activism, etc. They are not 100% bad, but there are trustworthy alternatives. When the Thanksgiving 2nd collection for the CCHD comes your way, say no, go home, and donate to any faithful charity insted.

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Our preconceived notions about people can easily color how we engage them. It is not wrong to form initial impressions (I would argue it is even wise to), but there is a line beyond which we are judgmental, unjustly acting on weak assumptions. Additionally, we often put people in buckets based on only 1 characteristic of their lives. This video illustrates these points well in an experiment.

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Prager University videos are excellent and while it is not their intention per se, they usually reflect a very Catholic viewpoint. This one (by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin) is on gossip.

Some random thoughts or bits of information are worthy of sharing but don’t warrant their own full post. This idea was begun by Jennifer Fulwiler and is now continued by Kelly Mantoan. So, some Fridays I too participate when I have accumulated 7 worthy items. Thank you Kelly for hosting this project!

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