Parish life: golf classic

Parish Life

There are several Catholic fraternal organizations around the world. Their mission is to support the parish, including charitable fundraising efforts. The largest of these organizations is the Knights of Columbus. In my parish, among the Knights’ largest fundraisers is the annual Golf Classic.

We have had 3 of these annual events so far and they have been a huge success, raising many thousands of dollars for charity. A large, but limited, number of golfers can be accommodated – which are always fully sold-out. Corporate sponsors of all sizes also sign-up at different levels of sponsorship. Wonderful silent auction items are donated from many generous sources.

Golfers enjoy breakfast, carts, 18 holes on an exceptional course and lunch all included with their ticket. The silent auction is always popular, as are raffle tickets and mulligan purchases. It is a huge amount of work and the guys who have led the organization work are amazing, but it has never disappointed!

Parish life: fish fry

Parish Life

During the penitential season of Lent, Fridays are a day of abstinence from meat. One popular substitute is fish, thus is born the quintessential Catholic practice of the parish fish fry. Many parishes come together for this delicious meal, often preceded by Stations of the Cross for those who can get there early enough.

Non-Catholics are always welcome to join us and many do. Some come with Catholic friends, others simply respond to banners parishes often display outside. Either way, it is a great way to enjoy an inexpensive dinner in community fellowship.

At my parish, the fish is prepared by the Knights of Columbus, served by our Women’s Guild and assisted by teen volunteers. It is held in our PLC (Parish Life Center) where our meal is accompanied by great entertainment provided by various musicians. It is a wonderful tradition!

Introducing: parish life

Parish Life

Parish Life as a new Convert Journal photo essay meme on, well…   parish life!

Here I will feature images of 1 event or aspect of everyday activities in my Catholic parish. My hope is that through this series, non-Catholics might get a small taste of the typical things we Catholics enjoy together at church. I think of it as showcasing Catholics, in our natural element.

Of course, the most important thing we do is participate in the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. A parish however, is more than strangers who come together for worship. Our community is a family who not only worships together, but learns together, plays together, rejoices together and sometime mourns together.

This new on-going series will give you a glimpse of our family. Each post will have a brief lead for context followed by a dozen pictures (give or take). The pictures will tell the real story. Don’t expect Ansel Adams, these snapshots are strictly an amateur photographic effort.

The inaugural post will be next Tuesday. Look for it!