Friends, as you have noticed, my blog activity has slacked-off. It is not from lack of interest, illness, Islamic terrorists or even Vatican albino monk assassins. My daughter is marrying a fine young man tomorrow!

This month has been a whirlwind of activity. Yours truly, as Father of the Bride, has been mightily preoccupied with wedding and reception preparations. Blogging has necessarily had to temporarily take a back seat.

Next week should be back to semi-normal, while out-of-town guests begin returning to places far and wide. Look for an archive post (always a set of 3) next week and, next Saturday being the first of the month, another edition of New Evangelists Monthly.


  1. Congratulations! May God give boundless blessings for your family! I appreciate you too, just so you will know.

  2. How wonderful! God bless the bride and groom and their families!

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