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Stylish Blogger

I follow a LOT of Catholic blogs, some very popular ones and some lesser known gems. Getting the opportunity to bring a little more attention to those is the idea behind the Stylish Blogger Award meme. It works like this: to accept the “award,” you share with your readers 7 things about yourself and get to pass the award onto 5 worthy bloggers.

Colleen over at Inadequate Disciple, in an obviously weak moment, chose me! So, here are 7 things about me that you would otherwise not know from reading my blog (and quite honestly, probably don’t care about! – feel free to skip to my reward recipients below):

  1. In college, I was into all sorts of things: Tae Kwon Do (1st degree black belt), sky diving, Phi Sigma Kappa, hosted a “progressive rock” college radio show (at WKDU FM) and Mensa (other than becoming Catholic, I am much dumber now).
  2. While growing-up I wanted to become an electrician. My parents and their friends let me do all manner of electrical work. Starting college I thought I wanted to be an EE (electrical engineer), but that changed when I discovered computers (early 1970s).
  3. I was hired full-time onto the university computer center professional staff between my 2nd and 3rd year to assist faculty research. I was a geek not only before it was cool to be a geek, but before the term was invented. This was a unique, exceptional opportunity and a fantastic deal for me – pay, benefits, free tuition, unlimited access to computing resources and full access to the faculty club. There, I enjoyed lunch in the penthouse with my profs – often enjoying a bologna sandwich (my favorite) and knocking-back a “cold one.” (Interesting side-note: I was underage, but apparently it didn’t occur to them that someone underage could be there.)
  4. We had difficulty reaching birth of our children – and so did my parents. I was 38 by the time my daughter was born. My dad’s age was almost the same (only 76 days difference) when I was born.
  5. I created a bunch of websites to support various groups in my community (e.g. this and this). Last February I also re-implemented my parish website. I do this kind of work professionally for small businesses so I have the skills and resources to donate these services.
  6. I have been involved in my community for a long time, serving many years on our city Planning and Zoning Commission (mostly as chairman) then on city council for four years (yup, an elected politician). We also have a unique community chapel of which I served as a director and president (my dear wife of 33 years similarly served, so we have a spirited debate on who did the most when the topic comes up!).
  7. Around the house, I am excited about 2 recent projects: abandoning cable and telco landlines. In place of cable, we now use over-the-air HDTV (which is excellent, BTW), Netflix streaming and Hulu Plus for a total cost of around $16/mo (vs. $62). In place of telco landlines, I use VOIP for 2 lines at a total cost of around $10/mo (vs. $70+). In addition to saving money, this offers some nice benefits in both cases over the “old way” (some minor losses too, but more than offset by the gains).

Picking only 5 blogs worthy of greater attention is difficult. As a convert myself (and with my special focus on convert and revert bloggers), I have decided to choose from that group. There are many excellent blogs (converts and not), but I pass the Stylish Blogger Award torch along to:


  1. I am honored George. Will try to get this done!

  2. Thanks George!
    I’m not sure I know of too many lesser known blogs, but I will try.

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