7 Quick Takes Friday (set #67)

7 Quick Takes Friday

This week: Planned Parenthood “condemns sex selection motivated by gender bias” – except (wink, wink) that is completely false. For the first time, the US State Department no longer tracks religious freedom as a human rights issue. Two examples of the gay agenda’s use of the courts. Finding-out what is in ObamaCare (it’s worse than you think). The European Union – is that our future too? It’s official, the private sector is *doing fine*! Kids + technology = a solution for unmade beds.

— 1 —

Planned Parenthood “condemns sex selection motivated by gender bias”. Except, wink, wink, it is not true. Live Action has caught them happily assisting in gendercide time (Texas), after time (NYC), after time (Arizona), after time (Maui), after time (Honolulu). In truth, they are all too happy to assist. Colleen Carroll Campbell covers the story well in her piece A Bad Week for Planned Parenthood.

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The U.S. State Department, by law, must produce an annual report on the state of human rights around the world. Scoring another first, President Obama’s administration has removed the section covering freedom of religion. It is simply not a priority for him. CNS has the story.

— 3 —

Gay Marriage Law

Are you one of those bigots who want to discriminate against 2 people, in a loving, committed, life-long relationship simply because they are of the same sex?

I covered this topic recently in but how does “gay marriage” hurt you?. Short answer: there are very real, very serious consequences.

Last week the Danish government gave us exhibit #1: churches *MUST* “marry” homosexuals in the same manner that they marry heterosexuals. Forget about religious freedom, the government has spoken. In Obama’s post-religious freedom era, this is a glimpse to our own future. In Denmark, for now, their law applies only to Lutheran churches (their official state religion). LifeSiteNews has more on the story.

Exhibit #2 comes to you from New Mexico. Their “Human Rights Commission”, backed up by a district judge, came down hard on Christian photographer Elaine Huguenin for not accepting a request to photograph a lesbian “commitment” ceremony. Through an incredible stretch, in a state where “gay marriages” are illegal and same-sex “civil unions” are not recognized – “discrimination” based on sexual orientation was found.

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ObamaCare, a gift to the abortion industry that keeps on giving:

Spotted by Matt Cassens

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Paying off one credit card with another is not a plan to get out of debt. This is the shell game played last week to save Spain (Greece is already written-off). Looking from the outside, one wonders if anyone in the European Union realizes how dire the situation is for them. Apparently at least one Member of the European Parliament does:

Let us pray that we do something soon to reign-in our own big government, crushing debt ways before it is too late (if it isn’t already). According to the Washington Post, the personal wealth of individual Americans has DROPPED 40% in the last few years.

— 6 —

Break open the champagne! Send out the invitations! The private sector is “doing fine,” President Obama declared last week. What a relief for all of us that his focus can rest, undistracted, on continued growth in the public sector.

This happens when he goes off-script – he reveals his honest thoughts. Whoops, it’s time for damage control. Clarifying he said the *economy* (private + public sectors together) is not doing fine. He still could not bring himself to acknowledge the private sector is far from “fine.”

— 7 —

You have told your kids to make their beds a thousand times without lasting success. Finally, technology will solve your problem (and bring you a brighter tomorrow):

Some random thoughts or bits of information are worthy of sharing but don’t warrant their own full post. This idea was started by Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary to address this blogging need. So, some Fridays I too participate when I have accumulated 7 worthy items. Thank you Jen for hosting this project!


  1. #2… It’s all nice and threatening about Denmark… except it’s not true. No priest in the state church is obligated to perform a gay wedding, however, they are obligated to help the couple find a priest who is willing to. And just by the reaction of the Lutheran church in Denmark to the news, it won’t be an issue. The law is also applying only to the state church (Lutheran), so it’s not churches, it’s one church.

    Please check your facts before spreading untruths on the Internet that only serve your agenda.

    • George M. Sipe says

      Hevel, we agree on the facts so I don’t understand your comment. I wrote “CHURCHES must ‘marry’ homosexuals in the same manner that they marry heterosexuals.” True statement. That an individual pastor may object as long as he finds a substitute does not remove the legal obligation of the CHURCH. Were this applied to Catholics (which, BTW I noted that “for now” it does not), it would still remain an extremely serious violation of our beliefs as no faithful priest could possibly perform such a ceremony.

      Anyone who looks at the history of the homosexual agenda in Denmark will see the clear progression that got them to this point. My agenda is (1) to observe what has factually happened so far, (2) to suggest that the limitation to the dominant state church will be eventually removed, and (3) our own progressives are putting us on the same path. Reasonable observations, no?

  2. The thing about Catholics and Denmark is that they are not THE state religion. As soon as a church is the THE state religion, it becomes a tool of the governing forces and loses it’s independence from the secular government. In Denmark THE state church is the only one this law applies to and that will stay that way. The Catholic church is an independent entity in Denmark, so there is no danger of coming under regulation for state and civil family law matters. Like divorce is legal in Denmark, but the Catholic church is not forced to grant a divorce to divorced couples. And to be honest, the State Lutheran Church welcomed this decision. Unless, by some rather unfortunate events, Roman Catholicism becomes the state religion there is no risk to be forced to celebrate same sex marriages and can maintain their independence. Which is the desirable thing. Furtherrmore, by the current ruling, not only Catholics are not forced to eprform same sex marriages, they are not allowed to do so. They are clearly opressed by not getting the same rights, but for once I’m pretty sure they are happy.

    Thanks for your reply and thank you for not deleting my initial comment.

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