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There are many people just like you who have converted to Catholicism. Young people, old people, male and female, from many different denominations (and religions), lay people and clergy — all have personal stories of their journey.

In the table below, you can go directly to some wonderful conversion stories. If you would like to view a subset, just type text to match into the search box.

Be sure to explore each author’s blog and follow them as their journey continues to unfold. We are happy to have you, welcome!

BlogURLAuthorPreviouslyGenderBirth DecadeFirst PostJoinedCountry
A Catholic NewbieViewLyn Mettlernew agefemale1970August 20, 20122013US
A Faith-Full LifeViewAdam Crawfordnon-denominationalmale1970May 4, 20142013US
a fresh Catholic perspectiveViewDavid L. Gray / aka Yoseph Miryam DaviydProtestantmale1970August 18, 20102006US
A Funny Thing HappenedViewCourtney DavisJewishfemale1940September 17, 20072007US
A Latin Catholic in the Byzantine RiteViewJ. Patrick Cullenrevertmale1970November 18, 2008US
A Mystical RosebudViewKatherinenonefemale1990June 26, 20142013US
A Shower of RosesViewSara BoyleChurch of Christfemale1970June 27, 2008~1995US
A Spiritual JourneyViewDavidPresbyterianmale1930September 17, 20091960US
A Star of HopeViewJoAnnaLutheran (ELCA)female1980June 13, 20092003US
A Tiny Son of MaryViewAnthony RadicePentecostalmale1980May 10, 20122011UK
A Triumph and a TragedyViewJimmy AkinEvangelicalmale19601992US
Abigail's AlcoveViewAbigail BenjaminProtestantfemale1970August 10, 20072002US
Absolutely No SpinViewMatthew WilliamsPresbyterianmale1980January 3, 20052007US
Accepting AbundanceViewStacy TrasancosBaptistfemale1960June 1, 20102006US
Agnes DayViewMary Katherine OrcesEpiscopalianfemale1970December 30, 20101995US
Always JasonViewJasonProtestantmale1960August 19, 20032005US
An Evangelical Protestant's Road to the Catholic ChurchViewJonEvangelicalmale1970March 27, 20122014US
ApocalypsisViewMichaelrevertmale1950June 23, 20072006US
Bear Wrongs PatientlyViewKimLutheranfemale1970May 9, 20092006US
Becoming a CatholicViewRoyProtestantmale1970August 1, 20122013US
Being CatholicViewRon MoffatPresbyterianmale1940February 28, 20131995US
Bread from HeavenViewPam ForresterEvangelicalfemale19501999US
Brett FarleyViewBrett FarleySouthern Baptistmale1970October 11, 20112011US
Building my Catholic HomeViewAnneProtestantfemale1980October 4, 2010
Called to CommunionViewmultipleReformed confessionalmalevarious
Canterbury TalesViewTaylor MarshallAnglican priestmale1970December 18, 20052006US
Caring Catholic ConvertViewJenna PopeProtestantfemale1950December 25, 20082009US
Carrots for MichaelmasViewHaleyProtestantfemale1980September 29, 20092010US
Catholic by GraceViewDenise BossertPresbyterianfemale1960December 20, 20082005US
Catholic CravingsViewLaurarevert / Evangelicalfemale1980June 29, 20122012 (returned)Australia
Catholic is ChristianViewChristine FicklingSouthern Baptistfemale1970December 15, 20082006US
Catholic With A VengeanceViewRachel Marie GohlmanEvangelicalfemale1980December 14, 20102008US
CF FamilyViewAllisonAssemblies of Godfemale1970January 20, 20112003US
Clan DonaldsonViewCari DonaldsonPresbyterianfemale1970January 8, 20082006US
Consecrated HousewifeViewAmyPresbyterianfemale1980June 29, 20122011US
Contemplating ChristianViewK.H.Protestantfemale1980October 17, 20052006US
Conversion DiaryViewJennifer Fulwileratheistfemale1970August 10, 20052007US
Convert JournalViewGeorge SipeProtestantmale1950January 4, 20102010US
Convert ManViewJames KautzFree Methodistmale1970August 23, 20051998Canada
Crossed the TiberViewRuss RentlerEvangelicalmale1960April 27, 20062004US
Daniel UndemViewDaniel UndemLutheranmale1980September 28, 20112011US
Daughter of GloryViewEvangelicalfemale1980July 1, 20112011US
Daughter of the KingViewKarinannrevertfemale1960November 29, 20082002 (returned)US
David Warren OnlineViewDavid WarrenAnglicanmale1960September 11, 20012003Canada
Deeny's Simple JoysViewDeana HallProtestantfemale1960June 6, 20082007US
Defenders of the Catholic FaithViewSteve RayBaptistmale1950March 30, 20041994US
Deus NobiscumViewNormEvangelical (Cru)male1980October 21, 20072009US
Domesticity & DoctrineViewErikaFundamentalistfemale1980September 17, 20102009US
Doubting Thomist Art & FaithViewGregory WatsonPentecostalmale1980November 6, 20092004Canada
Edward FeserViewEdward Feserrevert / atheistmale1970September 1, 20082001 (returned)US
Elisa LovesViewElisa ArmstrongAssembly of Godfemale1980November 5, 20092001US
Eutychus FellViewMethodist1960March 8, 20042005US
Faith At A GlanceViewT. AnnPentecostal / Charismaticfemale1970August 20, 20062012US
Faith of a ConvertViewMollyfemale1980May 19, 20082008US
Family Soul StoryViewBarb VerlyPresbyterianfemale1950February 21, 20101971US
Fiat Volvntas TuaViewFather JosephProtestantmale1960June 8, 2009Philippines
Finding ChristViewShaun HornerSouthern Baptistmale1970October 24, 20122014US
Finding Myself in My FortiesViewAngela BashawProtestantfemale1970January 22, 20132001US
Fine Linen and PurpleViewEmilyLutheranfemale1980multi-author2013US
First Comes LoveViewAmyReformedfemale1970June 4, 20072002US
Fishers of MenViewRandyPentecostalmale1980July 22, 20112011US
Following JesusViewNate JohnsonPentecostalmale1980December 3, 20102011US
From Gangland to Promised LandViewJohn PridmorerevertmaleJuly 10, 2008Ireland
Grateful ConvertViewKevin LowryPresbyterianmale1960April 3, 20111992US
Growing UpViewKarenMethodistfemale1980April 20, 20052007US
Happy CatholicViewJulie Davisatheistfemale1970May 2, 20042000US
Heart for GodViewDavid L. HallBretheren in Christmale1950January 18, 20082007US
Heart Shaped StoneViewKortninonefemale1980March 14, 20112011US
Hope - Pray - TrustViewKarenPresbyterianfemale1980February 12, 20102010US
In Caelo et in TerraViewMark de Vriesagnosticmale1970December 11, 20072007Netherlands
In His Time God Makes All Things BeautifulViewJulie NicholsonMethodistfemale1970March 9, 20112009US
In Hoc Signo Vinces!ViewThomas KennedyPresbyterianmale1980October 19, 20082009US
Instinctive PhilosophiesViewRebekah Durham HartMethodistfemale1980January 4, 20122006US
Jumping in PuddlesViewNejrevertfemale1970September 10, 2012US
just another day of Catholic ponderingViewSarah Reinhardatheistfemale1970May 26, 20062001US
just showing upViewBrianna HeldtEvangelicalfemale1980April 1, 20052011US
Kayla's the Nun-Fund BlogViewKayla Garryatheistfemale1980October 30, 20102006US
Lattes & Rainy DaysViewKirsten MichelleEvangelicalfemale1980November 19, 20062010US
Life - here, there and everywhereViewLori MillerBaptistfemale1970July 30, 20081997US
Little Catholic BubbleViewLeila Millerrevertfemale1960April 3, 2010US
Little Steps Along The WayViewAmanda Rose Kozlowskivariedfemale1960October 18, 2008US
Little Toe in the TiberViewRachelEpiscopalianfemale1950April 13, 20072009US
Long Crawl HomeViewMark YoungSouthern Baptistmale1960January 6, 20141994US
Look! A Black Catholic!ViewLT Hortonagnosticfemale1980May 6, 20122007US
Martha's HeartViewStephanie EnglelmanMethodistfemale1980July 17, 20082005US
Matt FraddViewMatt Fraddrevertmale1980June 11, 20122000 (returned)US
Moved By GraceViewKatie PlatoBaptistfemale1980March 11, 20112011US
Musings of a Catholic MomViewSharonBaptistfemale1970January 1, 20091996US
My Broken FiatViewGina GuarnererevertfemaleOctober 24, 2005
My Everyday LifeViewJaniceProtestantfemale1970September 6, 2006US
My Journey into the Catholic ChurchViewJudith McRaeProtestantfemale19602001Canada
My Journey Into the Catholic FaithViewAnnabelProtestantfemale1960September 15, 20052006US
My Silent JourneyViewJessicaPentecostalfemale1980September 23, 20082009US
New ChristendomViewDavid MeyerPCA Presbyterianmale1970June 15, 2010US
New SkepticsViewPaulSouthern Baptistmale1960March 22, 20102011US
No Fighting, No Biting!ViewKatherine CollinsEpiscopalianfemale1970October 18, 20061999US
Objets D'artagnanViewMichael McClearyProtestantmale1960January 2, 20072006US
Of Butterfly WingsViewZanneBaptistfemale1980April 23, 20112011US
On the Other FootViewJoelBaptistmale1960April 5, 20051999US
One Foot In Front of the OtherViewProtestantfemale1970March 22, 20072007
Our Catholic WayViewKim TisorSouthern Baptistfemale1970August 31, 20132013US
Parenting with Peer ReviewViewMaryRuth HackettProtestantfemale1970February 18, 20142007US
Philothea on PhireViewJay BoydPentecostalfemale1960September 7, 20112002US
Reasonable BeliefViewTim Roufarevertmale1970September 2, 2012US
Scott Eric AltViewScott AltProtestantmale1950January 1, 2013US
Semper DiscipuloViewMatt WarnerSouthern Baptist ministermale1970June 25, 20142000US
Seward's FollyViewHeide SewardEpiscopalianfemale1960November 9, 20072007US
Sh'muelViewStevenJewish / Protestantmale1980March 13, 20092009US BelprezProtestantfemale1980February 23, 20112008US
Small ThingsViewGinny ForemanProtestantfemale1970October 27, 20072005US
Speak the Truth in LoveViewRandyCalvinist pastor's sonmale1960May 28, 20102003Canada
spikenardViewKaren WilliamsLCMS Lutheranfemale1960September 23, 20081996US
St. Joseph's VanguardViewDevin Roseatheism / Evangelicalmale1970May 24, 20052001US
Standing on my HeadViewFr. Dwight LongeneckerAnglican priestmale1950September 25, 20061995US
Tactical CatholicViewAndy McNuttSouthern Baptist ministermale1970March 18, 20142002US
Taste and SeeViewKathleen Laplanterevertfemale1960April 19, 2010US
Tending to TruthViewBrookePresbyterianfemale1980June 22, 20082007US
That Married CoupleViewElizabeth BrunnerDisciples of Christfemale1980December 4, 20082009US
The Catholic Counselor LadyViewNatalie Lane EdenProtestantfemale1960December 13, 20112002US
The Catholic LifeViewStephanieChurch of Christfemale1980August 10, 20062002US
The Catholic SojournerViewTodd MeadeSouthern Baptistmale1970July 2, 20101999US
The Clan of MahlouViewElizabeth Mahlouatheistfemale1950August 8, 2009US
The Curt JesterViewJeffrey Milleratheistmale1950July 27, 20021999US
The Devout LifeViewMindy GoorchenkoEvangelicalfemale1980April 12, 20102009US
The Divine LifeViewEric SammonsEvangelicalmale1970January 30, 20091993US
The Easter PeopleViewMichael GoodwinEvangelicalmale1980March 20, 20092011US
The Fellowship of Catholic Ex-Jehovah's WitnessesViewKathy Schwehmrevert / Jehovah's Witnessesfemale19602003US
The Fike LifeViewBlythe FikeProtestantfemale1980February 13, 2008US
The Fruitful MamaViewJaimefemale1970January 22, 20142000US
The Green Catholic BurrowViewDesiree HausamConservative Presbyterianfemale1970May 17, 20162016US
The Heart of St. GiannaViewVivien BetlandBaptistfemale1980October 15, 20112012US
The Heart's OverflowViewAnna CoyneLutheranfemale1980September 18, 20132009US
The Holloways - NorthViewRuth Anne HollowayEvangelical / Episcopalfemale1980August 19, 20132013US
The Lonely PilgrimViewJoseph RichardsonAssemblies of Godmale1980September 11, 20112012US
The Rainey ViewViewSerena RaineyPentecostal, before that variousfemale1960October 22, 20112008US
The Recovered CatholicViewChristinarevertfemale1980May 24, 20122012 (returned)US
The Rest of the WayViewLeona ChoyEvangelical missionaryfemale1920July 28, 20082005US
The Roman RoadViewJason and NikkiEvangelicalcouple1970July 17, 20112011US
The Seventh SacramentViewMike StinsonBaptist seminarianmale1960October 27, 20122004US
The SheepcatViewAlan YoshiokaProtestantmale1960May 10, 20052005US
The Thin VeilViewBrandon VogtMethodistmale1980June 9, 20072008US
The Truth About the Catholic ChurchViewDavidSouthern Baptistmale1970October 15, 20101996US
The Witness Path to Spiritual GrowthViewTodd Marshanon-practicing believermale1970June 17, 20122007US
This Catholic JourneyViewAmberProtestantfemale1970August 2, 20062007US
This Domestic ChurchViewJeanine SpanoMormonfemale1980January 1, 20102007US
This Journey of My LifeViewCiskaEvangelicalfemale1980June 6, 20062011Netherlands
Thou wilt turn, O God, and bring us to lifeViewScottWoltzemale1970June 2, 2013US
Thoughts from a once fallen away CatholicViewMichael Luvararevertmale1970December 19, 2010
Three Marys for a MarthaViewJanieBaptistfemale1980January 13, 20152010US
Ukok's PlaceViewDeborahProtestantfemale1960July 15, 20042004UK
Una SanctaViewTom HuntProtestant tenured professormale1950February 2, 20072000
Unequally YokedViewLeah Librescoatheistfemale1990June 2, 20102012US
Veritas Lux MeaViewJusinProtestantmaleNovember 7, 20102010Australia
Vocation DiaryViewJeffery Cann (a/k/a cinhosa)Protestantmale1970June 1, 20022000US
Waiting in Joyful HopeViewToddrevertmale1970October 24, 20032002US
What Wondrous Love Is ThisViewEmilyHigh Presbyterianfemale1980April 7, 20102012US
Wilber HusetViewJenna Husetvariousfemale1980July 20, 20132014US
WorthyViewAmandarevertfemale1980February 24, 2011US
Year of GraceViewDavid SchutzLutheran pastormale1960April 23, 20002003Australia
Young, Evangelical, and CatholicViewBrantly MilleganEvangelicalmale1980January 9, 20102010US
Zeal For Your HouseViewToddUnitarianmale1960May 13, 20102010US

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Other Sources

The entries in the above table are, for the most part, blogs. The authors provide more than just their conversion stories! Read all about their faith journeys and follow them as their futures unfold.

There are also some great non-blog sources of conversion stories on-line:

Wikipedia also publishes an interesting list of “historic individuals” who have converted – List of people who converted to Catholicism.

Reading List

Not everything is on the web! There are many fine books written by Catholic converts explaining in detail their author’s background and reasoning for joining the Church. Here is a sampling: