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One of my projects has been to build a collection of Convert Stories. Why do folks convert to Catholicism? What was their background? What struggles did they face? It is fascinating and very inspirational!

The focus is on convert bloggers because they not only have these great stories, but continue to publish posts of their ongoing journeys. There are over 70 entries in the database so far. They include people who were atheists, Protestants, Jewish, Buddhist, occultist and even a few cradle Catholics who have returned to the Church. A surprising number of the converts were even clergy.

The data is organized by the blog title, the URL, author’s name, previous affiliation, sex, decade they were born, year they joined, date of first post and their country. By clicking on the URL, visitors are taken directly to their conversion story. The data is easily searched to find someone specific.

Picking a sample is really difficult as they are all very interesting. There are 6 great stories of atheist converts for example. Elizabeth Mahlou’s story is one I am certain you will enjoy.

In addition to the ever-growing database, links to a couple collections of non-blogger convert stories and a nice list of 3 dozen books published by converts are also provided.

Visit this special page anytime by clicking the “Convert Stories” logo which always appears in this blog’s right column.

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  1. Dear George,
    Thank you, for being a follower of my BLOG!

    God bless you
    Michael Gormley

  2. Fascinating. I have run into a lot of converts. Makes me feel not alone. Their stories are faith-affirming. It is interesting how many different ways there are for God to grab his stray sheep or for His sheep to find Him.

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